Prodigy's Commitment

Prodigy is committed to providing the highest quality experience through developmentally appropriate activities that enrich children's fundamental skills. Our experienced staff will guide and support your children through their growth and development.

Our Philosophy

Prodigy Child Development, Inc. believes that young children should have the opportunity to develop intellectually, socially and physically through exposure to a variety of activities and games. This is necessary to fulfill a child's curiosity and to enable an optimal learning experience. It is believed that half of what a mature person knows was learned by the age of four, which is why the learning experience is of utmost importance at Prodigy Child Development. The numerous books, educational toys, creative bulletin boards, and a clean appropriate atmosphere exemplifies this.

Providing an intriguing atmosphere is complementary to the constant use of visual aids, hands on activities, and learning centers to make learning for the child an actuality. Growth of the mind is of paramount importance to Prodigy Child Development as is physical growth through outdoor and indoor activities that stimulate physical development and coordination.

Prodigy Child Development acknowledges children's interests and varying needs in addition to planned learning activities, allowing children to develop a firm sense of self-worth and individuality. Prodigy Child Development's furtherance of self-worth also stems from a constant environment of peers that forms a strong sense of belonging while learning to relate to people. Prodigy Child Development advocates dignity and self-worth through the appreciation of an individual's culture and that of other ethnic groups. Commitment to developing a firm sense of identity is a goal at Prodigy Child Development since this is the basis of a well-adjusted child.

We believe that education is a shared responsibility of the Director, Teacher, Parents and Citizens in our community. Prodigy Child Development, Inc. looks forward to sharing its knowledge and experience, but also welcomes every parent's advice, comments and input in an effort to constantly optimize the learning environment.

Our Goals

It is our goal to extend and enrich the fundamental skills in...

  • Children's Poetry and Literature
  • Letter and Number Skills
  • Listening and Visual Techniques
  • Art Activities
  • Activity Centers
  • Large and Small Motor Skills
  • Nature and Science
  • Theater (Creative Drama)
  • Story Telling
  • Show and Tell
  • Language Development
  • Music and Much More!

Prodigy Child Development believes that fulfillment of these goals through Prodigy Child Development's program of resources will guide children to an optimum learning experience through:

  • Diverse activities, proven learning methods and extensive curriculum.
  • Teaching self control and problem solving skills.
  • Providing an environment of peers in which the child can develop socially and learn how to get along with other people.



Benefits of Prodigy

• Certified Staff •
• Licensed Child Development Center •
• Licensed and Qualified Teachers •
• Transportation to Most Schools •
• Family Discounts •
• Nutritious Meals and Snacks •
• Huge Outdoor Playground •
• Variety of Playground Equipment •
• Large Indoor Playstation •
• Intellectually and Physically Stimulating •
• Child and Adult Care Food Program •

Accepting Title 20, JTPA, Promise Jobs

Why Prodigy Child Development?

    1. Interaction with peers
    2. Warm friendly atmosphere
    3. Effective methods
    4. Vast experience
    5. Extensive resources
    6. Convenient hours
    7. Cost effective
    8. Reliable care
    9. Affectionate & loving
    10. Safe environment
    11. Stimulating facility
    12. Peace of mind


We have a full range of services to meet the needs of children form infants care to before and after school programs. Learn more about all the great programs avilable from Prodigy Child Development, Inc. Click Here!