Ted Nugent


Photos and Commentary by Mark Dierker

Although the Telegraph Herald seemed to be reporting that Ted Nugent put on a racially biased show last night, what I head him say in his opening monologue was this: “Hey there sure are a lot of white people in this crowd. You need to do something about that.”

He later said, heavy on the sarcasm, “Dubuque is a white town.”

If anything, Nugent showed how much he honored and respected black performers of the past such as Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry and James Brown among others. He said at one point that all American soul came from these black performers who gave their blood, sweat and tears to the music. He even launched into an American Soul retrospective with songs such as Soul Man and Hey Baby.

Nugent is outspoken in his political views and he was no less outspoken during his concert, slamming political figures such as Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama and making his views on hunting, gun ownership and American citizenship, well known.

Overall Nugent gave a solid performance playing songs that spanned the breadth of his impressive career which began in 1962. After the Star Spangled Banner, Wango Tango was among the first songs he played but old favorites such as Cat Scratch Fever, Stranglehold and Fred Bear were saved until the end of the show. Great White Buffalo and his iconic shooting of the white guitar with his compound bow served as the only encore.

Live at the Mississippi Moon Bar