Hartig Drug celebrates another new beginning!
I don't know why they call it a drug store, it's clearly so much more. Hartig's Drug celebrated the grand opening of their beautiful new store at the corner of N. Grandview and University Avenue (Across from Allison-Henderson Park) in Dubuque. Aside from not looking at all like a typical drug store, the amazing new facility boasts a convenient coffee shop/cafe with an ice cream counter that conjures memories of soda fountains of old. There's also an American Trust banking branch beneath a unique skylight tower in the center of the store. And, of course, all the great brands and services you have come to expect from Hartig's Drug over the decades. However, we're not sure if there will always be jumbo shrimp available next to the prescription pick-up counter. But tonight there was and it was goooooood! Many friends, customers and supporters of the locally owned and operated drug store chain were on hand to join in the celebration. I (Bryce Parks) attended with my 365 cohort Ralph Kluseman who appears in a number of the photos. Thank you to Dick Hartig and all of his staff for not only a great event, but also a wonderful resource for Dubuque in the future. We'll be back again and again.

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