Sunday at Wrigley Field
The day started early, boarding the bus at Lot One at barely 7 a.m. and the bus ride there was spirited (eh, hem!). Arriving early, there was plenty of time to take in the glory of Wrigelyville for a while. The Cubby Bear, Sluggers, Goose Island, the Central, etc. And then to the friendly confines. Through some kind of mojo we had some pretty good seats. Nay, our seats were the bomb, as the kids say. A double sized luxury private suite. We had our own section of seats that came with TV's outdoor heaters and a heck of a view, and inside, there was food and drinks (no lines at a hot dog stand) We even had access to convenient luxury box bathrooms! Woo hoo! The group mingled back and forth between the seat and the lounge area, where the plasma screen TV on the wall was blasphemously showing the Nascar race, some to warm up and some for another hot dog. The die-hard's stayed glued to their seats beating themselves up with every bad pitch. Sitting in the box next to us was Chicago Bear Nathan Vasher, the hero of the New Orlenas playoff game last year who was there to throw out for first pitch and sing "Take me out the the Ball Game" during the seventh-inning stretch. The game ended up going an extra inning where the Cubs won over the Washington Nationals. The party also went extra innings in the very places we started the day as you see in the (edited) photos below. Heading back for the bus, we spotted a hilarious Tom Rauen (Tom Squad), who had earlier been on national TV acting the fool in the stands, dancing mariachi style outside the stadium for tips next to the guys playing the five-gallon buckets with drumsticks. He actually made a few dollars. We have video. We should put it on You Tube. And in the end we all survived....albeit with a few stories that are likely best left in Wrigleyville. Thanks to Joe Zwack and the crew for inviting us along. How many times have we been to cubs games and wondered how the other half lived up there above us in those fancy private boxes. Now we know.

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