Other Riverfront Attractions and Amenities
An important part of the completion of the America's River Project is tying all the pieces together. In planning the new face of the Port of Dubuque, organizers took the entire riverfront of Dubuque into consideration. Thus, from as far north as the Hawthorn Street Extension where the newly renovated Jaycees Trail will begin, down to the Port itself, the land touching the river will carry the look and feel of the rejuvenated Ice Harbor (Port of Dubuque) throughout. Below, we highlight some of these great amenities and discuss their importance to the project as a whole.

Update - May 10th, 2003
Riverwalk Paved
Not just decorative concrete, this beautiful stretch of walkway features many opportunities to descend attractive staris to the waters edge, peredtrian connections to all the Major attractions on its route, as well as many other decorative ammenities. See progress on the America's River Riverwalk as of May 10th, 2003.

See the photos and read the datails, CLICK HERE!

Update - October16th, 2002
Amphitheater Completed!
Visit the ribbin-cutting ceremony of the Allaint Energy Citizen's Amphitheater and get your first look at the newly completed entertainment venue.

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Update - August 15th, 2002
Amphitheater Construction Update!
Construction of the Alliant Amphitheater speeds along. See construction photos of the area get an indea for what it will look like when it is completed.


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Update - August 15th, 2002
The William M. Black Rides Again!

See images of the historic boat as it leaves it home along the shore of the Riverboat Museum for the first time in over a decade to make room for the construction of the wetlands.

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Update - Spring 2002

Work is underway on the America's River Riverwalk, a decorative paved walkway that will connect the Brewery/ Amphitheater, Convention Center, and Resort Hotel to each other and to the river itself. Pedestrians will be able to go from one to another along this scenic walkway while river travellers will be able to dock at the water edge and use the Riverwalk as gateway to the America's River experience and downtown Dubuque.

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The River's Edge Plaza

Dedicated in 2001, the first completed feature of the America's River Project will serve as a docking point for thousands of annual visitors to enter the Dubuque Community. With its completion, Dubuque finally has a river side docking port that gives visitors a beautiful, inspiring image of what they can expect with their visit to Dubuque. It also provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to touch the Mississippi River. The steps that cascade into the water and the adjoining ramp serve as a conduit that finally breaches the barrier created between people and the water since the floodwall was constructed in the 1960's. The Pavilion presents a place to rest, picnic, and gather while enjoying the breathtaking view at the Port of Dubuque.
Dubuque365.com was present for the dedication of the River's Edge Plaza. Click on the links below to view the image archives that we have created, which capsulate not only the construction of the area, but also the event where residents and tourists joined local civic and government leaders as well as The Governor, Senators, Congressmen and more to christen the first piece of the America's River Project. A piece whose completion symbolizes the inevitable fruition of the years of work which have led up to the America's River dream coming true. The River's Edge Plaza is open right now for you to explore and enjoy. Take a moment visit the Port of Dubuque today. Experience the Plaza and witness the construction of Dubuque's future.


The Riverwalk & The Jaycees Trail

Tying together the wide variety of attractions attached to the America's River Project is the Riverwalk. Strolling atop the floodwall on a wide paved walkway adorned with decorative lighting, benches, waste receptacles, and attractive foliage, you will be able to conveniently access most of the America's River Project's hotspots by foot. See riverwalk construction photos HERE!

Update, August 17th, 2002 - The Jaycees Trail Will Open Soon.

The Dubuque Jaycees Trail should open sooner the the November completion goal, perhaps even in September thanks to great weather. The existing trail running from 16th Street to Shiras Avenue is being widened to 12 feet, with a paved surface, landscaping and other amenities matching the other improvements made recently to downtown Dubuque. Plazas and rest areas will also dot the 6,500 foot walking and biking trail. The Dubuque Jaycees pledged the matching money to make the $330,000 project possible. It is the largest contribution to the America's River Project by a local community service organization. The trail will be part of the Heritage Trail system and will eventually run, in it's renovated form, from Shiras south to the Port of Dubuque.

Extending north from the Port of Dubuque to the Hawthorn Street Extension, The Riverwalk will combine newly created walk surfaces with a reconstructed portion of the Riverwalk that already exists. This preexisting portion of the Riverwalk is called the Jaycees Trail, named for the group who raised the matching funds to rebuild it. It will expand from 8 to 16 feet wide which will require extensive amounts of earth fill. All pedestrian portions of America's River as well as downtown Dubuque will eventually have a matching look and feel.


Alliant Amphitheater

Already a Dubuque landmark and setting for numerous community musical events, The Dubuque Star Brewery will become the backdrop for the Alliant Amphitheater, an outdoor live music and performing arts venue carved into the Mississippi River Floodwall. Watch for the theater to be completed with the construction of the Riverwalk in 2002-2003.

Follow construction progress on the Alliant Amphitheater CLICK HERE! for 365's photogallery updates.

As an attraction along the Heritage Trail/Riverwalk, the theater will be unique in it's accessibility by car, by foot (from the Riverfront Hotel and Port of Dubuque area), and perhaps even by boat with transient boat docking in the area. Plans are still up in the air as to the future of the Brewery itself. Whether it will make beer in the future or serve another purpose is still unclear. However, the structure will remain and continue to be a familiar and striking image along Dubuque's shoreline.
The Cascading Steps
Before the America's River Project it was not easy for the average pedestrian to gain access to the river. Many visitors, as well as native Dubuquers wish to reach down and physically touch the mighty Mississippi River. This is your chance. Take a leisurely stroll along the Riverwalk and pause to descend the cascading steps and make the most personal connection to the river possible. Touch it, dip a foot, collect some river water and take it home as a souvenir. Or maybe just chuck a rock in and see how many time you can make it skip. The experience is up to you. The cascading steps provide the opportunity; you create the memory.

William M. Black
The William M. Black, a well-known Dubuque icon which resides on the National Registry of Historic Places, will be transformed into a boat (bed) and breakfast where people can come and spend the night on a real paddlewheeler, sleeping in bunks and having breakfast in the galley the next morning. This will be a great destination for area students to come as a class, spend the night, and live their town's river history first hand. While spending a night on the boat you can experience the Discovery Center and other area amenities. See photos of the boat being moved for the first time in a decade here!


Transient Boat Docking
For the first time boaters will be able to dock in Dubuque, step off their boat, and immediately immerse themselves in the Port of Dubuque experience. Until now there have been few solutions for visiting boaters to pull in and make an extended stay in Dubuque for dining, shopping, or tourism. With the addition of transient boat docks, a place to park your boat when you come down (or up) the river, you can now take in Dubuque without the worry of leaving your boat in an undesirable location. The image below (left) show one of several proposed docking areas. These plans may change as the project develops, but rest assure that the docks will be included in the final plans in some location(s).


Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail hike and bike route north of Dubuque, which has recently been extended well into the north end of downtown Dubuque, will continue it's trek, stretching all the way to the Port of Dubuque. Residents and visitors will be able to ride, walk, skate, even cross country ski along a path that will take them from countryside solitude to riverside entertainment. The Riverwalk and Jaycees Trail will serve as a featured leg of the Heritage Trail network. The images below feature the trail's extension which has recently been completed and brings the trail into the heart of downtown Dubuque. Out of town the trail is sand and pea gravel; in the city, it is paved and features decorative lighting, seating, and brickwork as seen in the images below.

A Glimpse into the Future...

The image to the right is an artist's representation of what the inland portion of the Port of Dubuque may look like in a few years as activity and tourism business spreads and occupies more of the peninsula area. Woulnd't it be great to have a theater at the Port? Nothice the brick work in the street, a theme that is already taking hold in downtown Dubuque. Click the image for a large view of the image.


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