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This site was developed to track the progress and serve as a historical time capsule for all of the amazing developments that took place as part of America's River, Phase one. Updates on this site ended in early 2004, so by now some of the content here is out of date due to further improvements and renovations. But as a whole, it is still an excellent resource to get the story of America's River from the beginning.

With the announcement of America's River Phase 2, we have developed a whole new feature to bring special attention to that collection of projectsClick here to go to the America's River Phase 2 website on Dubuque365.com.

The America's River Project is the most exciting development initiative in the history of Dubuque. The bold redevelopment efforts along Dubuque's Riverfront , as well as the scores of remodeling, investing, and rehabilitation projects spurred by the coming of America's River, will affect the way life and business is conducted in Dubuque for generations to come.

In this special Dubuque365.com feature, we highlight the many facets of this enormous project. More than a museum, it is a revitalization of entertainment, education, and tourism in our already bustling historical tourist community.

The Renovation Guide's featured areas include an overview of the America's River concept, The River Discovery Center, The Education and Conference Center, The Platinum Hospitality Hotel and Indoor Waterpark. We also feature other great riverfront attractions like the River's Edge Plaza and the Amphitheater, as well as fundraising efforts of America's River. In addition, we feature an examination of the ripple effect of the America's River Project on the community as a whole, taking in lower Main Street development, opening the Town Clock Plaza to traffic, revitalizing Cable Car Square, and more.

Click around and see what we have collected for you. Come back often as this feature will continue to grow, adding information, links, your comments, and interesting insights into what is the most inspired community development project in Iowa.
America's River, The Concept
Learn about the background behind the America's River Project. The vision, the people, and the events leading up to the biggest thing to hit Dubuque...well, ever! See the Vision Iowa Documentary and view some of the images from the project's inception. Visually follow the construction as it continues. Click Here!
River Discovery Center
This is not your ordinary museum. Imagine a wall of water nine feet tall and sixty feet wide, a cross section of the main channel of the Mississippi River...now you're getting the picture! See artist's renderings of some of the River Discovery Center's coolest attractions, building models, and images of the facilities inside and out. Click Here!
Education and Conference Center
Dubuque will be the envy of Iowa and beyond when the beautiful new Education and Conference Center opens its doors. Riverfront beauty meets high tech in this state-of-the-art learning and event facility. See concepts of the center and how they have evolved. View a virtual flyby of the new facility before it exists. Click here!
Grand Harbor Resort and Indoor Waterpark
Platinum Development is building the most exciting hotel complex Dubuque has ever seen. Combine the breathtaking beauty of the Mississippi, convenient location and one rockin' indoor waterpark, and suddenly you have a year-round family destination. Watch construction progress in pictures. Check out artist's renderings of the hotel complex. Click Here!

Other New Riverfront Attractions & Amenities

Along with the "marquee" projects of the America's River effort come many smaller or less well-publicized improvements. See plans, photos and artistic interpretations of everything from the Brewery Amphitheater and the River's Edge Plaza, to the widening of the Jaycees Trail atop the floodwall and the addition of transient boat docking for visitors. Click Here!
Get a taste of just a few incredible events that have been created or reinvented to raise funds for the America's River Project. See 365TV Documentaries from some of these great events as well as photo albums. Take time to make a real contribution to the project while you are visiting. Click Here!
The Ripple Effect
Before it is even completed, the America's River Project has lit a fire under downtown Dubuque commerce. New entertainment and dining venues are opening quickly and Main Street itself is re-opening in preparation. Even the Chamber of Commerce moved closer to the action! See evidence of the wide reaching effects of revitalization. Click Here!
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