America's River Overview

"Planning for America's River began as early as 1992 with national scholars and designers. Extensive long range planning and numerous feasibility studies all pointed to a grand vision. The Mississippi River Discovery Center, the Mississippi River National Education and Conference Center, the Riverwalk and Amenities, and the Riverfront Hotel and Indoor Waterpark will help create a new national identity for Iowa.

The new 90 acre campus will be THE place for people across the country and around the globe to learn about and experience the Mississippi River. This will be the only place on the entire 2,400-mile stretch of the Mississippi River that captures the historical, environmental, educational and recreational majesty of the Mississippi River. America's River will be a national center with partnerships and support from twelve federal agencies.

America's River creates over 1,000 new jobs that pay a living wage. It puts the state on the map as an international destination by building on global treasure - the Mississippi River - and creates a magnet for a young and diverse population. At its heart, the America's River Project is all about Iowa and our traditional values of strong education and conservation or preeminent natural resources."

- America's River Vision Iowa Project Overview

Faces to Know

Jerry Enzler
Director, Mississippi River Museum

Teri Goodman
Mississippi River Museum

Jim Rix
President, Platinum Holdings, L.L.C.

Terry Duggan
Mayor of Dubuque

Steve Horman
President, C.E.O., Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce

Rick Dickinson
Director, Greater Dubuque Development Corp.

Although the amount of people who contributed to the success of the America's River Project are far too numerous to count, to the left are six of the key figures in the planning, promoting, and politicking that it takes to bring a project like this together. The hours put in by these individuals and their collective staffs and volunteers are the reason we look forward to the promise of riverfront revitalization. The effect of their shared passion and energy for our community will continue to define Dubuque for generations to come.

No less notable is Dubuque City Manager Mike Van Milligen and his entire staff of planners, engineers, public information personnel, and others who put in an equally great effort and continue to do so in an effort to make the America's River Project the greatest economic and tourist development project in the Midwest.

Finally, we must point out the tremendous visionary wisdom of the Vision Iowa Board who saw the potential of America's River, but also rewarded the organization and careful research and preparation that the Dubuque community put into their Vision Iowa submission.

The America's River Video -

365TV In order to sum up the grand scope of the America's River Project to the members of the Vision Iowa Board (a group of statewide civic leaders given the task of distributing millions of community and economic development funds across the state), the organizers of the America's River movement saw the need for a capsulating video to properly demonstrate the energy and vitality of the concept. Professional videographer and President Bryce Parks donated his time to crate this audiovisual collage of the many pieces and faces behind the America's River Project. The video proved valuable as a visioning tool that led the Vision Iowa Board to give the first grant, a $40 million dollar award, to the Dubuque project. Watch the video in the player to the right.

Note: At nearly 16 minutes in length, this is a huge video (12 Megabytes to be precise). Cable modems, DSL or T-1 should begin playing the video almost immediately with a total download time of 1-3 minutes, however, dial-up users...well, you may want to catch the show on City Cable Channel 8, or get a snack. This could take a while.

The Sights and Sounds of Progress - 365 Photo Galleries

While the machines dig holes, the trucks haul dirt, and the men lay the foundations for the next generation of tourism in Iowa, Dubuque365 is there to document to progress in pictures. We're going to shut up and let the picture do the talking. Come back often to follow the progress on every phase of the America' River undertaking. Click any inage to begin your photo tour...

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